Waterfowl Hunting

When people think of hunting waterfowl they usually think of Canada or Arkansas.  However, from personal experience we think that Iowa is one of the greatest places to hunt ducks and geese.  We are located in the Mississippi flyway with a lot of ducks, snow geese, canada geese, and some specks moving through.  We also have a lot of local canada geese in our area that decoy easily.  We have a lot of farm ponds with blinds on them.  We also have a private wetland that is located only 4 miles away from a waterfowl/wildlife refuge area.  This wetland includes a flooded cornfield with 2 roomy pit blinds.  This wetland also has a generator that is connected to aerators located in the water in front of the blind so the water never freezes up around the decoys.  (see pics of wetland below)  We also have access to a 700 acre public hunting lake.  This lake has about 40 acres of flooded timber that is outstanding for duck hunting.  (see pictures below) We have kennels ready for your retrievers to stay in if you choose to bring them along.  We will take you where the birds are.  (We are now offering snow goose hunts in Missouri and Iowa.)

Waterfowl Hunting Seasons