Deer Hunting

It is no secret that Iowa is the place to come for monster bucks.  We are fortunate to have a lot of quality bucks and a large deer herd in our area.  The chance to shoot a world class buck on your stay at Southwest Iowa Outfitters will be very high.  We scout year round and have many tree stands set up in strategic locations throughout our properties.  We do all the scouting from scouting deer activity, setting trail cameras, and looking for shed antlers.  We also plant many food plots throughout our properties to promote deer health and to help attract the big bucks into shooting range.  We plant clover for early season and turnips for the late season, not including the many corn/soybean crop fields on our properties that deer and turkey love.  We try to promote shooting mature bucks that are at least 4 1/2 years old and also promote doe management.  See pictures above and hunting photos to see some of the deer in our area.

Our hunts are designed for upper end deer management and success.  Our success rates are 75% with the average harvest around 160+ inches.  We have a 100% opportunity rate on legal deer over 130 inches.  We keep pressure to a minimum to ensure a quality hunt for each hunter.  We do not allow more than 2 harvests per farm and only target mature deer.  We have a 90% re book rate and offer references of both successful and non successful hunters. Your success IS our success.  Many of our customers come to our lodge as a customer and leave as good friends.  That is the atmosphere and quality we want to offer at Southwest Iowa Outfitters.

Deer Hunting Seasons