Turkey Hunting

Iowa is not only known for having big bucks, it is also known for having big turkeys.  The heaviest eastern wild turkey weighed just under 36 lbs. and was killed in Southwest Iowa only about 40 minutes away from our lodge!  The biggest turkey that we have taken weighed just over 28 lbs.  Beards over 12 inches and spurs up to 2 inches are also not uncommon in southwest Iowa.  We scout birds extensively in the fall and spring and know their roost spots and where they are going to feed and/or strut.  We also plant food plots for turkeys.  We plant clover and chufa on our turkey properties that the toms love to strut in and use as a food source.  All that you have to do is sit where we tell you to go and shoot your bird.  See pictures of some turkeys taken in our area in hunting photos.

Turkey Hunts – Our turkey hunts are a 4 night and 3 day hunt.  We hold a 100% success rate on these hunts to date.  We have an abundant number of eastern wild turkeys.  What sets Iowa apart on their eastern turkeys are the size potential of a mature tom.  Our toms average 22-23 lbs, 10-11 inch beards, 1 1/4 inch spurs.  Our heaviest bird to date weighed in at 28 lbs.  We offer very comfortable blinds to hunt out of.  All roost sites and strut zones are pre-scouted.  These hunts are great for the seasoned hunter or the novice hunter.  After you harvest your bird we also offer exciting pond fishing, morel mushroom hunting, and may get the chance to find a big Iowa shed antler.

Price $1250 includes lodging, meals, complimentary beer and liquor

Turkey Hunting Seasons