Meet the Owners

Cole & Cody



I was born and raised here in Southwest Iowa and couldn’t be happier to have my own outfitter service.  People always told me to do something that makes me happy, well guiding hunts is on the top of my list.  I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living.  I have had a passion for hunting ever since I harvested my first rabbit with a pump BB gun when I was a young kid.  My dad and I farm together, hunt together, and now run an outfitters service together.  Without him none of this would be possible.  I graduated with a degree in parks and recreation management from Northwest Missouri State University.  I always wanted to be a park manager at an Iowa state park.  With lack of job openings in that field I focused on my outfitter service instead.  I have recently joined Premier Farm Realty Group and sell farms and hunting tracts.  I have also started my own line of food plot seed (Winther Wildlife Seed).  It is my goal to provide everyone with a successful, enjoyable hunt.  This is my job….my success is your success.


Owner/Chef/Lodge Host

Cody was also born and raised in Southwest Iowa and has been his home his whole life.  He has recently retired from his job in town.  You can now find him in the tractor or entertaining hunters at the lodge.  He is the head chef at the lodge and always cooks enough for an army of hunters (even if we don’t have any hunters in.)  Whether or not you killed a great buck that day or came back from the blind or stand empty handed; Cody will make sure you have a cold beverage and a hot delicious meal.  Cody will make sure that each and every hunter in the lodge feels like family before they head back home after the hunt.  We are hunters too and we know how to show people a good hunt and a fun enjoyable experience, just like we would want.